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Today we have an opportunity to sit down with Alan Decker the President of Decker’s Pondscapes. Alan has been creating amazing ponds for 30+ years.
Based on some of the questions from the YouTube videos he has put out we decided to do a little Q and A with him.

What is one of your favorite pond builds and why?

They are all favorites in their own way. That being said The Shaquille O Neil build stands out as I was able to take our youngest son with me and Shaq gave him a signed sneaker

Click here to check out the video on YouTube


When did you start traveling outside of your own state to build ponds?

7 years ago


We’ve seen your partner with other companies on some of these out-of-state projects, do you enjoy working with other companies?

Yes we have a selective few that we work with. Largely because we work really well together and get a tremendous amount done. Also the other companies we work with have a high skill set like ours.


When someone comes to you wanting a pond do they typically have an idea of what they want or do they give you creative free rein to design something?

5 % just let us go and use our creativity. All give us creativity but some know exactly what they want.  If you are ready to have a conversation about creating your backyard masterpiece, click here.


Where Did your passion come from in this industry?

Its something you have in . It was natural for me to build waterfalls. As kids I spent a lot of time in the creeks


What’s the biggest piece of advice you would give to a homeowner that is looking to have a pond installed in their yard?

Do your research and pic someone that has been doing this a long time . We end up fixing a lot of mistakes contractors make. Also if its our company you pick trust us with our creativity and passion you wont regret it.


How does it feel to have people consume your content from all over the world on YouTube?

Its great how far away you can reach. Our intention is to help people realize they can have a Oasis on their property. It creates so much enjoyment and helps bring Family and Friends closer together.


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