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Pond cleaning is an extremely important part of pond ownership, but what do you do if you buy a piece of property with a pond or water feature and you don’t know anything about it?

For many prospective home buyers, there are two reactions: either to be thrilled about the added feature to your new home and assume you can just ease into ownership and maintenance or to assume that it is just too much of a headache and shy away from it. Neither is an ideal choice, but that’s precisely why we offer our exploratory cleaning service.

So what exactly does exploratory pond cleaning involve?

Well, our whole approach to pond ownership is to encourage responsibility and enjoyment of your water feature. After all, that’s what having a water feature is supposed to be all about…having a unique and interesting environment that the entire family can enjoy. That’s easy to do when you make the choice to add a water feature to your property, but what about when you inherit someone else’s system?

It can be intimidating to suddenly be confronted with a pond when you know absolutely nothing about how to care for them. If there are other factors added into the mix, such as fish, plant life or features like waterfalls that can complicate matters even more. Well, we don’t ever want your water feature to become a source of stress, so that’s why we offer what is basically a guided pond cleaning, where our experts walk you through the process and help you understand everything you need to know about your pond.

Because as pond experts, we know that not all ponds are created equal, and we know that the harsh winter conditions in the Albany, Saratoga and Schenectady areas can often take a toll on ponds and the surroundings. So we’re prepared to help you get a closer look at exactly what you’ve got with your water feature and to take the mystery out of the whole idea of pond ownership with our exploratory pond cleaning service.

With this service, a team of our pond experts will come to your home while you’re there and perform a pond cleaning.

We’ll start by draining the pond and removing any aquatic life, such as fish or frogs, to holding tanks. Then we can get a closer look at the structure of the pond itself. We’ll closely examine every aspect of the structure from filtration and pump equipment to plant life to the rocks themselves and explain all of it to you in as much detail as you require.

We find that it is much easier to do this in person, which is why we require at least one of the homeowners to be physically present during the cleanup. That way we can explain things directly and answer any questions you might have about your water feature. During this exploratory pond cleaning, we’ll be able to evaluate the filtration and pump system and make sure it is adequate for the needs of the pond as well as make any necessary repairs.

There may be any number of findings from this pond cleaning, including whether the pump motor was functioning properly if any filter screens were missing or damaged, and if the pond was extremely dirty or had buildups of algae or any other harmful substances. We’ll be able to address any of these issues and make sure you understand exactly how to maintain your pond so that these conditions don’t crop up again.

Having the pond drained of water during the exploratory pond cleaning will also allow us to take a closer look at the pond liner and determine what kind of shape it is in. If there are any liner issues to address this would be the time to do so. The important thing is to ensure that your pond is capable of holding water so that plants and fish in the pond won’t be in any danger.

We can also use the pond cleaning period to address the plants in your pond and do any necessary maintenance such as thinning them out or splitting them. While plants are certainly an important addition to your pond, if left unchecked they can easily take over. This can change the entire makeup of the pond ecosystem, which can have a detrimental effect on any aquatic life.

Once any problems have been addressed, we’ll complete the exploratory pond cleaning by refilling the pond and returning the aquatic life carefully, allowing any fish to properly adjust to the change in water temperature.

Then we’ll be able to give you advice and instruction on how to care for your fish, frogs and other living things. Remember, a pond isn’t just a decorative feature it is, in fact, a growing and changing ecosystem, and it requires regular care and maintenance to remain healthy.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home with a water feature in the Albany, Saratoga and Schenectady region, make sure you contact us and have an exploratory pond cleaning done. This way you’ll be able to breathe easier and truly enjoy your new water feature, without any added stress. Let’s face it; home buying is stressful enough; your pond should be helping to make the process easier and the more you understand it, the more it will do just that.