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After the winter, leaves and other natural debris reside in your pond and diminish your water quality. Commonly, your pond doesn’t look so good. Handling your spring pond startup properly will determine the success of your pond all season long. Being proactive in the spring earns you a healthier, more beautiful, and more enjoyable pond.

Some brave pond owners do the Spring Cleaning themselves. We admire their courage but don’t suggest it because:

  • It’s a very nasty job. Lots of debris and decaying leaves, as well as fish waste leave a foul buildup at the bottom of the pond. Our cleanout teams gear up in raingear and waders to prepare for getting covered in muck.
  • It takes longer than you think. A typical pond owner can plan on spending 2-3 DAYS completing their pond cleanout thoroughly. Our cleanout teams are VERY efficient and complete in approximately 2-4 hours.
  • Most pond owners are not equipped to successfully move their fish. Pond owners generally don’t feel confident moving and handling fish. In addition, the fish will need constant oxygen in a proper holding container, which most pond owners do not have access to. The longer your pond cleanout takes you the longer the risk of fish health.
  • Professionals know precisely what to look for. Our cleanout teams notice when things are not right. Our pond techs know what to look for based on previous weather. For example, a bad freeze-thaw cycle during the previous winter means that something mechanical may have shifted. Our Pond Techs inspect your pond for low edges, cover exposed liner and re-foam waterfalls if necessary.
  • You sleep better knowing your pond has been cared for completely. Our Pond Techs give you assurance that your ecosystem ready for you to enjoy.

The Process

This process varies based on if you are a returning customer or an existing customer. If you are new to us or new to the pond world, the best way to start is to fill out a SERVICE CONTACT FORM

    • If you are a returning customer, you will want to contact us submit your paperwork and deposit early. We service hundreds of water features beginning when the ice thaws, so waiting is NOT your best option!
    • On your water feature cleanout day, be sure to have your garden hose outside, waterfall pump(s) and other components readily available, and your water garden electrical outlet turned on.
    • Our techs now get down and dirty with your water feature.
      • Complete drain of feature.
      • Store clean water for rinse and refill.
      • Remove fish from the pond and store in sanitized holding tanks.
      • Clean and power wash the entire feature.
      • We do leave some biofilm to keep your ecosystem healthy.
      • Rinse and scoop to remove debris.
      • Clean up or cut back plants for healthy growth.
      • Fertilize aquatic plants.
      • Check lighting systems.
      • Clean and vacuum Skimmer and Biofalls.
      • Service & clean filtration system.
      • Service & clean pumps.
      • Reconnect pumps after servicing.
      • Add water treatments upon request.

Upon finishing your cleanout we will refill the pond with enough water to reintroduce your fish (if you have them). Homeowners are responsible for filling the pond completely and plugging in your waterfall pump. Our tech can fill your pond for an upcharge. Water deliveries to fill your pond must be arranged in advance by Decker’s Pondscapes office to coordinate timing.

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