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What They’re Saying

Sandy and I are sending you this note to thank you for the excellent job that was done installing our new bog and skimmer. Jason and Bob arrived early, immediately went to work on cleaning the pond, then started on the skimmer and bog. We had NO idea how involved this process was. The waterfall had to be removed, replaced with the bog, and then new stones put in place. Installing the skimmer was also a very detailed and time-consuming project. Then finally the plantings, filling the pond, and introducing the fish to their new surroundings.

Several times during the day I thought this project could not be done without coming back to finish. Thanks to Jason and Bob, the project was completed, and professionally done in one day. Over the past few years we have had several home-improvement projects contracted. We can’t say enough about how hard-working, professional, and neat Jason and Bob are. They knew what they were doing and did it right. I can’t say the same about others we’ve met.

We had a ‘pea soup’ pond last year at this time but now we have a nice clean pond! Were happy and so are the fish, who love exploring the new plantings and stony areas.

Most, if not all contractors greet you with their hand out for a check when they get close to finishing. Instead you sent us a bill this is what I call a class act. It means you trust us. Thanks again and take care.

Bob and Sandy

Thank you so much for revamping my pond. The pond looks good and is finally back on an even keel. It is running well in the fish seem to be acclimating to the deeper surroundings.

Also, I want you both to know how great your crew worked on this project. All such hard workers, they stayed focused and determined throughout the three day process despite the rainy weather throughout the day. The men worked steadily and cleaned up every night perfectly. You are fortunate to have such a good group of men working for you. They did an awesome job!
I would appreciate you putting me on your list for preparing my pond for the winter.


I just want to write and thank Decker’s for your wonderful customer service and the opportunity to get to see your beautiful ponds. It was my husband's and my first time there and the woman came right out and greeted us. You allowed my children to feed your beautiful fish and let us know about the events you have. She really went out of her way and I appreciate that so much! It’s hard to find customer service like that nowadays. We’ll be looking out for your pond tour where proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald house. Thanks aga


I am enjoying the new landscaping! The many calls and compliments from friends and neighbors also truly adds to my satisfaction. You are a pleasure to work with as were the guys who did the planting, and more on such a hot humid day. Many many thanks!
My family and I were also impressed by your aquatics at the lovely Central Park Rose Garden.


Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how pleased we are with our pond. Not only is it beautiful, I cannot believe how little effort it has taken to maintain it this year. Since opening the pond I have only added bacteria a couple times and cleaned the skimmer about once a month. The water has been clear in the pond has been algae-free all summer. I have probably spent less than an hour total all season on maintenance.


Thank you for doing such an amazing job! Our pond has never looked so good!

The Denohoues

A special thank you to all of you in your help at designing our landscape. You have a great crew.

Jim and Judy