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Recreation Ponds

Recreation ponds have become the best of both worlds in backyard recreation. The world of water feature and swimming pools a hybrid type feature. Recreation ponds or a some call them ‘natural swimming pools’ as they provide all the fun of a swimming pool, along with the natural beauty of an ecosystem pond or lake. Unlike swimming pools, a recreational pond is filtered naturally working with Mother Nature, not against her.

Think of a recreation pond as a hybrid between a swimming pool and an ecosystem-based water garden. Swimming pools need no explanation, as they have become ubiquitous in our modern lives. Ecosystem based ponds, on the other hand, are human-made water features that achieve clean, crystal-clear waters by utilizing the natural processes of nature. Combining the classic swimming pool with the ecosystem pond can result in a stunning backyard that holds much more allure than a typical chemical based poolscape.

Ensure Best Practices

Our designers are always thinking about aesthetics, but we also need to think about durability and safety. During the planning process, it’s important to discuss how your family envisions enjoying a recreation pond. The process allows our designers to learn about your family to create spaces within your recreation pond for all ages to enjoy. 

We consider water depth and beach areas for easy access, maybe a sun shelf area to bask in the water’s edge as the kids play. Boulders need to be sturdy to climb on and slab rocks need to be solid and stay tight for plunge areas. Taking these elements into consideration transfers over to how are we build the pond so that it lasts a lifetime.

We want all ages to be able to enjoy it. Beach areas are fun for everyone, especially young children. Another consideration is steps entering the pond for ease of entry. Shallow area can be created for toddlers using larger boulders as a barrier to the deeper water. Depths of these ponds range from 4 to 8 feet, which means we want to get that water on the bottom moving by adding jets and aeration.

Add Finishing Touches

Infinity-edge waterfalls create a whole different element. Visually creates a crisp clean line where water falls off from within the pond. Infinity edge provides an additional waterfall and viewing point from the exterior of the pond while providing additional oxygen.

Skim coves are a must to ease the level of maintenance on the larger ponds. We want you to enjoy the pond and not have to tend to it every single day. Skim coves allow access to remove debris easily. Additionally, skim coves allow for a larger pump suction area. External pumps are essential when people plan on swimming in the pond.

Edge treatments and outcroppings are necessary in making any water feature look natural. Aquatic plants are a great way to soften edges from inside the pond while naturally filtering the water. Underwater light packages offer nighttime illumination which can extend your enjoyment beyond work hours and into the evening.

Investment Consideration

Recreation ponds are an investment and cost more than a liner swimming pool. The cost of a recreation pond is more in line with that of a gunite pool, but it still tends to be higher. Budget discussions begin with explaining the “starting at” investment involved with recreation ponds.

When designing a recreation pond, it’s key to make sure your wetland is a minimum of 30% of the pond surface area. A 25-by-18 pond is 450 square feet, making your ideal wetland approximately 135 square feet. Remember, it’s best to always round up. Calculating filtration based on this principle, we can achieve exceptional water quality. Adding aquatic plants to the wetland always helps reduce the nutrient load, especially if the recreation pond includes fish. Aquatic plants absorb nutrients to thrive and help starve out competing algae.

We’re here to help you create stunning natural recreation pond for your outdoor space. Fill out our contact form and learn more about how our recreation pond team can transform your backyard into the natural retreat you want and deserve.

Benefits of a Recreational Pond vs. Swimming Pool

There are no chemicals required! Along with that, there are many benefits to choosing a recreation style pond over a traditional swimming pool, including:

  • Little Maintenance: Pond liners don’t require replacing, unlike pool liners.
  • Attractive Addition: Recreation ponds blend seamlessly into the environment as a natural addition to your landscape.
  • Extended Season: Recreation ponds are enjoyed year-round. Early spring and late fall are perfect pondside to enjoy the cascading waterfall near the warmth of a firepit. Summer days cooling off with a swim into the evening with the pond and waterfalls illuminated for nighttime. Winter months are best for skating or playing hockey on your recreation pond.
  • Safe For Animals: Recreation ponds are safe for pets with organic water treatments such as beneficial bacteria and no chemicals.
  • Great For Kids: They are perfect for families with kids! Recreation ponds provide endless of entertainment for kids as they interact with nature in their own yard.
  • Environmental: Recreation ponds attract birds, amphibians, and other animals by providing a natural habitat for them. Increasing the biodiversity in your backyard contributes to a healthy environment. Again, no chemicals encourage a healthy backyard.
  • Customization: Extensive custom options available such as jumping rocks, streams & waterfalls, fish caves, underwater lighting, sun shelves and beach areas. The options are endless.

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