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Pond Construction

The soul of this landscape is the naturalistic waterfall and meandering stream softly flowing into the pond. Transcend yourself into your outdoor space by sitting pond side in the cool shade or enjoy the view from the fire pit with your family and cherish the precious time together. You are surrounded by bursting color and transformed into a wanderlust world of relaxation. A place where you can enjoy the kind of sanctuary you have always desired.

This is your everyday escape….an extension of your home where you can gather with family and friends and enjoy the escape created just  for you.        

Ponds are as diverse as the homeowners who love them. From ecosystem koi ponds that support an abundance of plant and animal life to recreation ponds where your family can splash and swim. We can design, install, and maintain a pond that suits your lifestyle and outdoor interests. A pond that replicates nature while functioning as low maintenance ecosystem for timeless enjoyment.

After a collaborative design and installation process, you’ll enjoy a pond that looks it’s always been there as Mother Nature intended. Our design will ensure your pond is interactive and consider your vision from inside your home as well.   Amazingly, your daily life will naturally shape itself around your pond and connect you with your family and friends as you sit beside it.

We specialize in ecosystem ponds, pondless waterfalls, swim ponds, and other decorative water features along with landscaping, sitting areas and fire pits.   We also offer pond maintenance, so you can add the pond you’ve been dreaming of without any concern about how you’ll keep it clean and healthy.

Fill out our contact form and learn more about how our pond team can transform your backyard into the natural retreat you want and deserve.

Elements of an Ecosystem Koi Pond

Ecosystem koi ponds can be easy to understand if you have a good grasp of what components go into a basic, functioning ecosystem. An ecosystem pond works with Mother Nature to provides you with an all-natural, low-maintenance piece of paradise. However, every piece of the ecosystem puzzle must be present and properly installed for a complete ecosystem to be in place. Leave one of these elements out (or mismatch them) and you’ve got an unbalanced ecosystem that won’t be so low-maintenance anymore.

5 Elements for a Healthy Koi Pond

  1. Filtration System: Both a biological and a mechanical filter.
    • A BioFalls® (biological filter) provides surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize and remove excess nutrients from the water.
    • A Skimmer (mechanical filter) not only pre-filters the water and house the pump; it also skims debris from the water’s surface to prevent the accumulation of organic materials on the pond floor.
  1. Rocks and Gravel: Rocks and gravel not only protect pond liners from UV light degradation, but they also provide tremendous surface area for dissolved organic debris on the pond floor.
  2. Pumps and Aeration:  The proper size pump and pipe diameter are extremely important for the functioning of a pond. The proper circulation system will keep the water moving and provide the necessary oxygen levels for healthy fish and plants. It’s crucial that your pump is sized properly for the amount gallons in a pond. Excellent water quality depends on it.
  3. Fish: Fish are an integral part of any ecosystem. Whether it’s koi or goldfish, they add life and an aesthetic element. By some people fish are often seen as high maintenance. Contrary to popular belief, fish reduce pond maintenance as feed algae and bottom feed from the pond floor. Fish are very enjoyable pets, providing hours of entertainment and who doesn’t LOVE to feed fish?
  4. Aquatic Plants: Mother Nature’s true filters, plants are great for adding character to a pond by providing color and texture, but from a filtration perspective, they’re essential. Thriving from the excess nutrients in a pond and depriving algae of its food source, having the right aquatic plants in a water garden is critical for the overall health of the ecosystem.

Benefits Of Having A Pond

  • Adding beauty to your backyard is one of the most obvious benefits of owning a pond. A pond will be the focal point of your outdoor space where your family will gather and instantly relax. Adding underwater lights encourages family and friends to enjoy your outdoor space in the evening to unwind after work.
  • A major benefit of a pond is it indirectly supports wildlife that has grown scarce in the suburban parts of the country. Ponds provide sanctuary by offering food, water, shelter, and a place for breeding of indigenous wildlife like dragonflies, frogs, and birds.
  • Ponds are easier to maintain than a garden or grassy area of the same size. Spend you time relaxing pondside instead of maintaining your lawn.  Especially if you rely on our pond maintenance services to manage those tasks for you.
  • Ponds reduce erosion and promote biodiversity. During our custom design phase we address slopes and elevations, drainage concerns, and the freeze-thaw cycle to ensure you can enjoy your pond for years to come.
  • A pond provides an area of relaxation while providing interaction and education. Watching as wildlife thrive and survive inspires kids to find out more about the nature and their relationship with it. Getting kids involved in the process of planning, building, and maintaining a pond helps them understand how a complete natural ecosystem works.