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Fall Maintenance

Fall is all about the protection and preservation of your pond. In our heavily wooded, Northeastern climate falling leaves cause organic buildup that is harmful to your water quality going into winter. Netting your pond in early fall to keep out leaves and other debris protects your pond and fish.


  • Falling leaves plug your skimmer preventing the water from entering. A dry skimmer will quickly burn out your pump which can easily cost $700 or more to replace.
  • Fall is migrating season. As the great blue heron migrates south they are searching for food sources.  Pond tenting will protect your fish from this predator as they travel.
  • Pond tenting eliminates daily maintenance.  As leaves fall you can easily use a leaf blower to blow leaves off tenting.
  • Pond tenting supports your winter shut down process. Providing a healthy ecosystem free of leaves and debris to support the fish over the winter.

Pond Tenting Service

Visit 1 : Stage 1 : Protection


Netting the pond with a Pond Tenting structure to keep it leaf and debris free.

Visit 2 : Stage 2 : Preservation


The actual shutdown which includes:

  • Trimming off all the aquatic plants so they are level with the water surface.
  • Removing and cleaning the filters so they can be stored away.
  • Take out and cleaning the pumps so they can be stored properly.
  • Adding Winter Beneficial Bacteria for the winter.
  • Setting up an oxygen source and deicer to keep a hole open.
  • Blowing out the pipes and plugging the skimmer and biofalls.

Fall Maintenance can appear to be non-labor intensive and some pond owners opt to do it themselves. The key for homeowner is to be diligent about removing leaves and debris and properly winterize their system. For example, if a water line does not get blown out (or is not done properly) and a pipe bursts, the repair costs can be quite expensive – upwards of $1000 or more.

Our Pond Techs can not only save you time, it also gives assurance, security, peace of mind your pond has been prepared to withstand an upcoming winter.

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